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Tesla Free Energy Machine – updates Akula Forum overunity.com

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http://www.overunity.com/12736/kapanadze-cousin-dally-free-energy/msg364622/ # msg364622 Here is a video slideshow with snythesized about the latest progress …
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19 Responses to “Tesla Free Energy Machine – updates Akula Forum overunity.com”

  • rstevewarmorycom:

    Yes, I know that the concept of physical prediction is foreign to you, but I assure you, there are ways to know these things based on knowledge of physics. Many of these stories are simply absurd, some are half true. Be careful what you believe anything is possible.

  • lz2sdc:

    Replication system of Akula Yurа. And it is a system with little difference from the picture displayed Einheit.youtube.com / watch? v = nRBgdW63ogcFalls the link does not work try youtube with the keyword: Установка по схеме акулы

  • tarotbug:

    So what makes the coil and cap are all old hat to do?

  • tarotbug:

    Do you want to know, you do not know what you see is not Asume them all because you do not know how it would work, Else where on the network of an RAF Spitfire pilot was a former unit his cup of tea is more or less boils water in seconds, it does not use heat, that somehow this one, and get an idea works.

  • McilleMReMix:

    why do not you tell the man you can not sound worse than that?

  • rstevewarmorycom:

    It is fraudulent bullshit scam. All “over-unity” is rife with fraud on gullible these clowns and idiots who think that someone somewhere “real” mystery of physics of them, when the truth is they are just too stupid and lazy to learn.

  • MrSummitville:

    The caption says: “free energy machine” But given the diagram it is evident … it will not work.

  • dudedeman:

    The computer voice is difficult to understand. Prefer to listen to a man. ;-)

  • JohnnBlade:

    I create a chart in my latest videos, u must 50Hz tone inc RF tone for this to work

  • JohnnBlade:

    The tip is the engine and ideas, I started the machine, always SOFARE more

  • JohnnBlade:

    The first coil is a replacement for old reverse pilot, the second coil of the device is based Hendershot, with the spool and the cap

  • arman tolegenov:

    U.S. Discuss Russian physicist ahahahah lol)

  • Grum C:

    Dear Stefan. As one of the principal authors of this page thread I thought it was weird to hear that, my pen name is spoken! But I think the snythesized speach is for tweeking, VAC and other Worte.Im shortcut widely, but an entertaining video. Vive Grum.

  • Edmorbus:

    Thank you Stefan


    Stefan, I love it. I’m dyslexic and reading is a chore for me. It’s nice to see the video and listen to syn, to check what I read. Please continue to do so! Thank you, John

  • Jack Scholze:

    Reddy is the Killawatt speak?

  • Jack Scholze:


  • CapZro:

    Well, that was fun … and as an added bonus, it will definitely encourage political discourse.

  • Pirate88179:

    Stefan: Very well done. I love the opening graphics. The voice produced is easily verständlich.Bill

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